Portrait photography has changed over the years from a simple recording of a person’s likeness in the 19th century, to an art form in the 21st century, which aims to depict something of the mood and personality of a person along with a sense of atmosphere.

Thus, there are many areas of life in which good, professional portrait photographs can play an important role. For example:

  • They can mark anniversaries and other life events, or capture an important moment in the life of an individual — or a couple or a family.
  • They can be treasured gifts for family members, permanent reminders of something good — a holiday, a sporting triumph, a visit from overseas friends.
  • They can announce good news on cards and social media.
  • They can demonstrate corporate ethos through images of employees.

Portraits may be in full colour or in classic black and white and can be produced either here, in my studio, or on location.

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