Fine Art/Digital Art

Almost all my photography begins with a digital image, which is then either simply enhanced on a computer or completely transformed digitally to produce an artwork.

Except where noted otherwise, all the images on the website are printed in limited editions of 5.  They can be supplied, in most cases, in any size up to A1.  Actual dimensions are dependent on aspect ratio.

Most are printed on high quality, archival art papers. Some are completely unique and are hand-printed on vintage art paper or wooden panels.

At present, only a few pieces are produced in the darkroom using “alternative” processes, used in the early days of photography, which create beautiful, moody and atmospheric toned prints.

If you would like to buy a print, please click here to get in touch to discuss different options. Alternatively, you might like to make an appointment to visit me in my studio, where you an also see further examples of my work and perhaps have a coffee while you browse.